PlayMaker XD, combines a mechanical accuracy with an advanced electronics, for the creation of functional models and prototypes with high dimensional  accuracy to be applied in professional and industrial environments.

PlayMaker XD uses FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printing technology and is designed to ensure reliability, accuracy and user accessibility.

€ 3.000

*VAT excl.

Layer resolution 20 - 300 micron

PlayMaker XD achieves a layers accuracy of 20 microns with a 0.40 mm nozzle.

With special materials such as Ninjaflex it can achieve a layer accuracy of 0.1 mm.

Resolution layers max Z  axis 20 micron
Resolution of axes steps X Y  0,0125 mm 

Extruders E3D -v6 | Nozzles interchangeables

The PlayMaker XD 3D printers have two modified E3D-v6 extruders that reach a temperature of 270 ° C and allow printing of numerous materials.

The extruder is composed with aluminum heatsink and a brass nozzle.

The standard nozzle diameter is 0.40 mm.

On request it is possible to mount different diameters up to 1 mm.

These extruders allow an easy disassembly of the nozzle in case you want to change diameter or if you had to clean in case of obturation.

Nozzle replacement is a quick and easy process, using a 7 mm hexagon wrench.

There are nozzles in brass and reinforced steel (for printing abrasive materials) in the diameters: 0.15 - 0.25 -0.30 -0.35 -0.40 - 0.50 -0.60 -0.8 mm

Build dimensions 360X290X360 mm                                                                          

PlayMaker XD is equipped with heated chamber at 50°C and heated bed with maximum temperature of 120°C. 

The build dimension is 360x290x360 mm.

The printing dimensions remain unchanged with the use of two extruders.

The Cartesian X, Y movement allows a transfer speed up to 300 mm/s . 

Printing bed perfectly calibrated

The printing plate doesn't need to be calibrated before every printing process.

This feature is given by its structure, built not cantilevered with a single screw but with four rectified cement bars and four trapezoidal screws.

A couple for each vertex of the plan.

The structure of the printing bed and the optical end stops allow you to maintain a constant alignment over time.

The calibration can however be performed automatically by starting the "print plane calibration" function from the control panel.

Feeder| Bowden drive Ø1.75mm                                                                               

The PlayMaker XD use the bowden drive system with 1.75 mm diameter filaments.

Despite the use of bowden it is possible to print flexible materials such as rubber, TPU and Ninjaflex without any problem.


Change filament| Filament detector

PlayMaker XD have the function for the automatic change filament to simplify the installation and change the filament.

Everytime that you want to change the filament there is a command on the control panel to activating the filament automatic filament change; the printer extrudes the filament, wait than the user installs the new spool filament, load it and start or resume printing.

This function is available also during the printing.

The printer pauses and resumes printing from the exact point where it was left.

When the filament sensor detect the end of filament the printer starts the automatic filament change and performs the functions described above.

Simple and practical.

Control panel

The control panel located is easy to read and allows quick and immediate management of all printing parameters (even during printing) such as:

  • Extrusion temperature and printing level
  • Ventilation
  • Printing plate calibration
  • Flow
  • Axis movement
  • Filament extrusion control
  • SD card management
  • Automatic filament change
  • Pause / Stop printing

Supported filaments

PlayMaker XD supports many types of filaments and it is compatible with all spool on the market with a diameter of 1.75 mm.

      • PLA
      • ABS
      • ASA X
      • PVA
      • HIPS
      • ETHIL LAY
      • TPU 45-55 Shore D | 90 Shore A
      • T-GLASE
      • IGLIDUR
      • PETG
      • NYLON
      • LAYWOOD 
      • PC/ABS
      • PC/ABS V0
      • ALFA+
      • CARBON - P
      • PBT
      • PBM
      • PA-CF (Nylon + Carbon fiber)
      • N-ASA
      • PLA CERAMO

Technical specifications

Printing technology : FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

Build area: 360 x 290 x 360 mm

Extruders: n°2  type: E3D v6

Nozzles: Ø 0.4 mm standard. Brass. Interchangeables.

Layer resolution: 20 -300 micron ( 0.02 - 0.3 mm)

Filaments: Ø 1.75 mm

Connectivity: SD  Card- USB - remote controle with tablet (optional)

Printer File: .gcode

Software: Open source

Stepper: n. 5 Nema 23  1/32 step


Megatronics 3.1

Stepper Drivers DRV8825

Marlin Firmware


Bed levelling: semi -automatic

Wire change filament: Yes

Filament detector: Yes


Extrusion temperature: 270°C

Heated bed temperature: 120°C

Temperate chamber: 50°C

Operating temperature: 15 - 32°C

Build plate: temperated glass 4 mm and heated plate

XY Axes: XY static support: Cemented linear bars 12 mm INA
                      XY support dinamic: Self-lubricating linear bars 2x10 mm cad.
Z Axis: N° 4 Cemented linear bars 12 mm INA, n°4 trapezoidal bars 10x2 IGUS.

Stepper: NEMA 23 stepper motors

Printer speed: 10- 150 mm/s

Transfer speed: 10-300 mm/s


Dimensions: 650 x 600 x 690 mm

Approx. weight: 50 Kg

Approx. Shipping weight: 50 Kg

Shipping dimensions: 750 x 700 x 750 cm


User manual e maintenance
SD Card
USB cable
Cutter for finishing
Harmonic steel wire for cleaning the nozzles
 spool 1 Kg di filament
Grommets for filament cleaning
DPI security 


Power: 240 - 400V AC 50 Hz 350 Watt


Windows, Mac e Linux

Warranty: 1 year





i3D srls

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P.IVA IT06709190489

REA: FI 649987

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