3D printer for printing modelsin series

Sixer uses FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) printing technology and is designed for company that need a 3D printer for a small series production able to maximize printing times and the relative costs compared to 3D printers currently on the market.

€ 6.500

*VAT excl.

Why does it differ from other 3D printers?

A limitation of 3D printers with FFF print technology is given by the printing times, especially if more than one object at the same time.

Sixer can print six or more objects simultaneously.

Sixer is equipped with a printhead composed with six E3D v6 extruders arranged in a 3x2 matrix and a heated printing plate divided into six areas each with construction dimensions of                130 x 140 x 380 mm.

Sixer prints a single .gcode file and allows the user to manage up to two print temperatures to simultaneously obtain six identical models in two different materials.



The extruders reach the extrusion temperature of 270 ° C.
The brass nozzles with a standard diameter of 0.40 mm are interchangeable with the simple aid of a 7 mm wrench.
This system allows to change the diameter of the extruder to obtain different printing resolutions as well as allowing the replacement of the nozzle material if you have to print some types of material, such as carbon fiber.

Nozzles available: 0,25 mm- 0,30 mm-0,35 mm- 0,5 mm-0,60 mm-0,80 mm

It is also equipped with a tempered chamber up to 50°C to allow better adhesion of the print, especially when using technical materials or with high retractions.
The heated bed reaches a temperature of 120 ° C.


The Cartesian X, Y movement allows to reach a high printing speed with a high accuracy of layer thickness.
Sixer has a Z-axis layer resolution of 0.02 mm up to 0.3 mm (20 - 300 microns) and an average printing speed 10 - 80 mm / s.
The movement of the XY axis takes place through rectified 12 mm INA cemented bars and self-lubricated bars 2X10 each, while the Z axis is moved by means of IGUS 10x2 trapezoidal bars and 12 mm INA cemented linear bars.
All the components of the linear movement are in ERGAL 7075 T651.
Sixer uses engines NEMA 23 1/32 step.

Control panel

The 3D printer is equipped with a control panel with an integrated 128x64 LCD graphic screen that allows to manage or modify the various parameters even during printing such as:

• Print speed and temperature
• Cooling fan speed
• Flow
• Automatic filament change
• Management of the SD card
• Axis movement
• Pause / stop printing and extrusion
• Manual bad shape

The 3D printer can be used via USB connectivity or via SD card. There is the possibility to control with the supplied tablet, remotely the printer using the webcam with dedicated IP address. An application for controlling and managing print parameters is installed inside.
Sixer is compatible with any 3D material and software on the market.
The format of the files supported by the printer is .STL to .gcode.

Printing materials

Sixer supports filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm. It doesn't use proprietary filaments.

    • N-ASA
    • ALFA+
    • CARBON - P
    • PA-CF (Nylon-carbon fiber)
    • PLA
    • ALFA+
    • HIPS
    • TPU 45-55 D | 90 A
    • ABS
    • Special ABS
    • PC/ABS
    • N-ASA
    • PETG

    Filament detection

    Wire change filament

    End filament sensor detect the absence of wire inside the bowden and puts the 3D printer in pause to perform automatic functions of:

    Displacement of extruder body for spool replacement - resumption of printing.

    Sixer have the function for the automatic change filament to simplify the installation and change of the filament.

    Everytime that you want to change the filament there is a command on the control panel to activating the filament automatic filament change; the printer extrudes the filament, wait than the user installs the new spool filament, load it and start or resume printing.

    This function is available also during the printing.

    The printer pauses and resumes printing from the exact point where it was left.

    Technical specification

    Tecnology: FFF-Fused Filament Fabrication

    Build volume: six areas 130 x 140 x 380 mm each one

    Resolution layer: 0.02 mm –0, 3 mm (20-300 micron)

    Filament diameter: 1,75 mm

    Nozzle: Standard 0,40 mm , interchangeable. Brass

    Extruders: 6

    Connectivity: USB – SD Card - Tablet


    Megatronics 3.1

    Stepper Drivers DRV8825

    Marlin Firmware


    Dimensions: 650 x 600 x 1500 mm

    Approx. weight: 50 Kg

    Approx. Shipping weight: 60 Kg

    Shipping dimensions: 800 x 800 x 1100 cm


    Extrusion temperature: 270°C

    Operating temperature: 15° -32 °C

    Heated bed: 0 - 120°C

    Temperate chamber: 50°C


    Build plate: temperated glass 4 mm and heated plate

    XY Axes: XY static support: Cemented linear bars 12 mm INA
                         XY support dinamic: Self-lubricating linear bars 2x10 mm cad.

    Z Axis: N° 4 Cemented linear bars 12 mm INA, n°4 trapezoidal bars 10x2 IGUS

    Stepper: NEMA 23 stepper motors

    Printer speed: 10- 80 mm/s

    Transfer speed: 10-150 mm/s


    Key ignition

    Emergency stop button

    Wire end sensor

    Filament changing system


    Open source


    Windows, Mac e Linux

    Power: 240-400 V AC 50 Hz 400 Watt


    User and maintenance manual
    SD card
    USB cable
    Cutter for finishing
    Harmonic steel wire for cleaning the nozzles
    safety devices
    Grommets for filament cleaning
    n.6 spools of filaments


    1 Year


    i3D srls

    Via Aretina, 29/D/E/F - 50065 Pontassieve (FI)


    P.IVA IT06709190489

    REA: FI 649987




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