3D printer designed for companies and professionals who need a compact printer with large build volume and great performance.


Build dimensions and Heated build chamber

Solider is a 3D printer with FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) printing technology allows to create large objects and prototypes in a single print thanks to its print plate that measures 500x400x500 mm.

Is equipped with a 110 ° C heated bed and a 50 ° C tempered chamber (at 25 ° C ambient

These features guarantee the correct adhesion of the large object to the printing
surface and also allow the printing of special materials with high retractions.

Dual extruders and Nozzles interchangeables

The printer is equipped with two E3D v6 extruders that allow printing with two colours or with support materials (PVA / HIPS) and reach an extrusion temperature of 300 ° C.

The extruder is composed with aluminum heatsink and an interchangeable brass nozzle.

Brass nozzles have a standard diameter of 0.4 mm.

(optional 0,25 -0,5 – 0,6 - 0,80 mm - 1 mm) can be interchanged with the aid of a 7 mm spanner.
This system allows you to change the nozzle diameter to achieve different print resolutions.

DOPPIA ESTRUSIONE Alfaplus e PVA (materiale supporto idrosolubile)

Layer height resolution and print speed

Solider reaches a  speed of 10-100 mm / s (max 250 mm/s) with a layer resolution of 0,05 - 300 microns (0.05 -0.3 mm) with a dimensional accuracy of the X, Y ± 0.3 mm axes.

Printing materials

Solider has no proprietary filaments, supports the following materials with a diameter of 1.75 mm:

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • ABS X
  • ABS Speciale
  • PVA (soluble support material)
  • HIPS
  • PLA Flex
  • PLA Volcano
  • TPU 
  • PC/ABS
  • PC/ABS V0
  • N-ASA
  • ASA X
  • Graphene
  • Carbon -P
  • PA-CF (Nylon - carbon fiber)
  • PBM
  • Laywood e Laywoo-D3 (like wood)
  • PETG
  • T-glase
  • metallic and architectural materials
  • PBT
  • Polypropylene

Control panel

Solider has a control panel display 128x64 on the front that allows managing, control and modifies all the printing parameters.

During printing, through the control panel, it is possible to modify some parameters to improve the default settings in the creation of the .gcode.

The parameters concern extrusion temperature, ventilation, flow, printing speed and filament change.
Solider offers the user the possibility of printing via USB input with the help of the computer or independently via an SD card.
It is also possible to remotely control the printing process via the dedicated IP camera via the webcam of the tablet supplied. Inside the tablet, supplied, there is an application for managing the printing parameters.

Solider supports files in .STL to .gcode format.
For the creation of these files, it is possible to use open source software.

Print bed

The printer uses the Cartesian movement for the X, Y axes with a static support mechanism
composed of 12 mm INA cemented linear bars and for the dynamic support of self-lubricated linear bars 10x2 mm each.

The Z-axis consists of four 12 mm INA cemented linear bars and four 10x2 IGUS trapezoidal bars.
The components are in ergal 7075 T651.
Mechanical features that allow speed in printing and layer accuracy.
The linear movement is controlled by NEMA 23 1/32 step motors.

Feeder - Bowden drive


Solider use the bowden drive system with 1.75 mm diameter filaments.

Despite the use of bowden it is possible to print flexible materials such as rubber, TPU and Ninjaflex without any problem.

With the bowden drive the motors are not mounted on the extruder creating weight, but on the printer and this allows a good print accuracy.

For the user and prints safety, Solider has the following devices installed:

  • Emergency stop on the main panel stops the printer in an emergency
  • Filament sensor, puts printing paused in case of filament end of the latter guaranteeing the user the success of the print
  • Key ignition

Technical specifications

Tecnology: FFF-Fused Filament Fabrication

Build dimension: 500x400x500 mm

Resolution layer Z axis: 50 micron – 300 micron

Filament diameter: 1,75 mm

Nozzle diameter: 0,4 mm. Brass. Interchangeable

Extruders : n. 2 E3D v6


Key ignition: Yes

Filament detection : Yes

Wire change system : Yes

Emergency stop button : Yes

Auto-calibration: Yes


Megatronics 3.3

Stepper Drivers DRV8825

Marlin Firmware


3D printer dimensions : 790x710x1620 mm

Approx. Weight : 80 Kg

Shipping weight approx: 120 Kg

Dimensions box: 820x820x1700 mm


Open source




Windows, Mac e Linux


Extrusion temperature max : 300°C

Operating temperature : 15° -32 °C

Heated bed : 0 - 110°C

Temperate chambre : 50°C


Build plate: Heating plate and tempered glass 5 mm

Structure: Powder coated steel - lexan coating 5 mm

Frame: 45x45 aluminum profiles

XY Axes: XY static support: Linear cemented shaft INA
                     XY dynamic support: self-lubrificated linear shaft

Z axis: N° 4 Linear cemented shaft INA, n°4 trapezoidal shaft IGUS

Motors: NEMA 23 stepper motors. 1/32 step

Printing speed : 10 – 100 mm/s

Transfer speed : 10- 250 mm/s


Standard AC Input : 240-400 V AC 50 Hz

Power: 1000 Watt


User manual e maintenance
SD Card
USB cable
Cutter for finishing
Harmonic steel wire for cleaning the nozzles
 spool 1 Kg di filament
Grommets for filament cleaning
DPI security


1 Year

Scansione di foglia con Scan in a box | PLA
ABS speciale, PC/ABS, N-ASA e PLA vulcano
Laywood e Carbon-P


i3D srls

Via Aretina, 29/D/E/F - 50065 Pontassieve (FI)


P.IVA IT06709190489

REA: FI 649987